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Some useful links (the list will be updated weekly, so please come back often to check new resources):


WEBSITES TO WATCH (in no particular order. Where possible, I recommend subscribing to the mailing list):  great projects which combine art with science and technology, there is also a youtube channel  technology and art, many useful online resources  creative works, mixed media  photography  visual arts journal and blog  “Champion creativity across the art and design world” Bringing you things you didn’t know you were interested in — until you are An international interview magazine that portrays people in their homes and within their daily working environments  Fashion and culture  An intersection of sound and vision  only in Romanian, but good  visual content, cultural issues, all sorts of domains   photography website, very good content focused also on established classical and contemporary photographers  “daily dose of inspiration” many design projects, inspiring  “inspiration of the day” blog




You’re extremely creative, profoundly imaginative, and an original thinker. You see something in your head, and your brain has a way of figuring out how it should come into existence. You see something in the world, and you already know how to improve it tenfold. You have the power to affect people’s emotions and the ability to truly change how people perceive things. – ADADADAD – passion for print advertising

45 lessons in graphic design theory

Graphic Design Theory : 50 articles and resources

Collection of short videos related to colors and their meaning:

There are also some activities, creating a kaleidoscope image and even directing a bit.

 10 inspiring graphic design resources:


FILM TASK:  – University of Reddit  – classes of filmmaking, DSLR cinematography and videography, screenwriting.  – representation in TV Dramas


CODING –  Best online course for coding


VARIOUS (websites with videos on different topics related to media studies but also to  general knowledge: science, human body, art, culture, etc.  –  a good source of inspiration for media projects)   – video recordings –  great lectures and courses     –  list of websites   – the popular TED Talks –  search for “media”, one of the results is “Media with meaning” (9 talks)   – Lectures, courses offered by MIT (there is an Introduction to Media Studies)  – University of Reddit  – classes of filmmaking, DSLR cinematography and videography, screenwriting. –  well written articles on creativity, art, culture, etc.



as a start:

Derek Sivers-  Keep your goals for yourself:…p-with-clients/

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