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Photoshooting tips

Some tips on photoshootings. Thank you for the links.


Even though editing can correct some basic issues, in order to get top marks and make professional images it is vital you do the following:
* Plan you shoot carefully 
– choose models that represent your target audience
– choose costumes that represent your target audience
– plan/practice hair and make-up (mise-en-scene) in advance of the shoot
– plan you location carefully – make sure your choice is interesting, follows genre conventions and facilitates excellent images (e.g. if it is outside think about the lighting)



* Execute Your Shoot Professionally
– take time over hair and make-up (mise-en-scene) before you shoot (think about how much time this will take when organising your shoot/models etc)

– Take time setting up your location (set/props)…this will help you get shots that tell a narrative and represent your target audience creatively.

 Think About Your Lighting

3 Rules of Lighting

Setting Up a Basic 3 Point Lighting Studio Portrait Shoot:

* Poses & Framing

Framing: think carefully about the type of shot (ECU, CU, MCU, MS etc) you want then think about how you can get your model to pose creatively and how to best use mise-en-scene.