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Blurb EBook

Another e-mail from Blurb, about e-books now. Read also the interview that is featured below on the left side “The art of the ebook” :


Think outside the box (and the book) with a Blurb ebook
Novels, children’s books, cookbooks—whatever book you have inside of you, you can, and should, break the mold with an ebook. An ebook can do amazing things. Like reach more people. And showcase more interactive content. Your next book can be better than you even dreamed. So, think outside the box. Break the format. And break out of the book with a Blurb ebook.
The art of the ebookWe talk to multimedia artist Jeff Frost about his ebook experience.READ MORE Promote your business with an ebookLearn how Blue Practice has turned their ebook into a powerful promotional tool.READ MORE
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