Coursework Development A2

Development Posts



1) Making of photos from the shootings

  • Present how shootings took place, describe the experience

2) Raw montage

  • Which filmed parts are appropriate for your music video/trailers/documentary/short film?
  • Which will you use, and in which order?
  • What do you like/dislike about specific images?

3) Fonts for credits

  • 6-8 Font examples
  • Pros and cons of each font
  • Why is this appropriate for your genre/audience?
  • 3 drafted examples of integration of credits text in moving images
  • Pros/cons of each
  • Why is this appropriate for your genre/audience?

4) Sound 

  • Look for sounds and music you need (not for music video). Why are those appropriate for the genre of the film and the shots you already have?

Some useful websites with free sounds:

5) After Effects – apply special effects

  • Explain how you created those specific effects.
  • Explain relationship between credits and images.
  • Why are those appropriate for your genre/audience?
  • Add final sounds and music as well.

6) Final cut of the music video/trailers/documentary/short film.



1) Digipak/poster/promotion postcard Development (Screenshots, Commentary and Explanations)

2) Final Digipak/poster/promotion postcard