TO DO Winter Break 2016

1. AS Foundation Portfolio.

UPDATE BLOGS – DEADLINE: 9th of January 2017

– Please make sure you have your projects created up to now posted in the Preliminary Tasks area of your blog.

– Update all Research & Planning posts (up to “7.Props” for Film Opening, and plan at least 2 photoshoots for Magazine – “4.Photoshoots”)

– follow the list on my blog here:

I know not all of you will be able to complete all of these posts, but it is compulsory to post everything you have until now and to get as close as you can to the requirements stated above. You will receive a mark on January exclusively on your blog work.

REMEMBER: EVERY POST with TEXT – do not post anything without explaining, describing what you did and why.

– your EXAM mark will be awarded according to your blog – examiners will have access only to your blog for assessing your coursework – Component 01. AS Foundation Portfolio – which is half of your entire exam mark.

2. Section B. Institutions and Audiences

Please decide by the time you come back from vacation the media industry you will want to research in detail for the written exam, Section B: either film/print/music/radio/video games.

For this, you will need to check this first:

Don’t need to get into details now, but check the exam requirements so you know if you will be able to research the case studies in that particular industry you choose.

Then, do not forget to save any links you find interesting in order to present them to your colleagues in class as a “Media Topic of the Day”:

Example (related to video games industry – how audience preferences can influence media creators in our pick & mix postmodern online media – people crazy about cats on social media = a game in which you are a cat, etc. ):