Newspaper Club- print your own newspaper

“About Newspaper Club

Newspaper Club is a service to help anyone make and print their own newspapers. Our mission is to give people the tools to turn whatever they want into newsprint, quickly and easily.

The company was founded in 2009 by Ben Terrett, Tom Taylor and Russell Davies, who felt that rumours of print’s death had been greatly exaggerated. And with more reading being done digitally, the joy of holding something physical was more important than ever. As an experiment, they designed a newspaper called Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet. It delighted people so much that the seeds of Newspaper Club were born.

With initial support from Channel 4’s innovation fund 4iP, the team worked on making the process of designing and printing a newspaper easier. The first step, producing a good-looking newspaper without expensive, complicated design software, was solved by the invention of ARTHR – Newspaper Club’s free layout tool. The next step, finding someone to print it on real newsprint, and understanding what on earth they’re talking about was addressed by partnering with established newspaper printers and building an easy-to-use web service, staffed by a team of friendly people.

Since then, we’ve won a Design of the Year award for Graphics in 2010 and a BIMA for Technical Achievement, and we’ve grown to a team of 11, with offices in London and Glasgow.

We’ve printed over 4 million newspapers for thousands of customers all over the world, including the BBC, the Guardian, Penguin Books, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and Sony Records.

And yes, we’re still excited about printing newspapers.”