CASE STUDIES – Section B. Institutions and Audiences

Dear ones,
here are all the necessary resources you need to start research for your case studies in a media industry you choose: film/print/music/radio/video games.

1. Please read from the Syllabus all info regarding Section B. Institutions and Audiences – pages 16-17:

2. Presentation on Media Ownership – key concepts, terminology, areas needed to be covered in your research –, the one we worked on during class.
5. Template for gathering information on all areas requested in the exam:
- Go to “File” – “Make a copy…” to make your own copy of this document and complete the right column with all info you gather for your case studies. Then, share it with me on Drive so I can give you feedback as comments and you will see them directly there.
6. Track your progress in this document, this way I will be able to know where you need my help:
8. HELP:
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate and ask.