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A look into the movie audience: Thor, The Dark World

Entertainment marketers seek to understand why viewers go to the movies, what movies bring them there, and ultimately, what about the movie brings them back for more. Can marketers use their audience’s movie preferences to market other products? To dig deeper, we’ve taken a global look at viewers interested in Marvel’s film, Thor, The Dark World; what can we expect from such an comic loving, action-craving audience?


We’d expect our average Thor fan to be interested in Action and Sci-Fi films, but when it comes to specific titles, a combination of animation, fantasy and superheroes seem to be capturing fans’ attention.  Movies like:


These titles are more captivating to the average Thor fan than the average film fan, illustrating not just which films are getting a lot of buzz and attention, but truly revealing what other movies Thor fans are likely to be buying tickets for.


Dinner and a movie – what to feed Thor fans

A trip to the movies isn’t complete without dinner before. However, it’s not the romantic sit-down dinner date most are picturing. In general, movie fans are 13.7x more likely than most to consider quick-serve restaurants, 10.8x more likely to grab hot dogs, and 7.9x more likely to grab a sweet treat, like ice cream. Although hot dogs and ice cream are Thor fan favorites, they seem to hold a worldlier palette; they are a whopping 124% more likely to be eating at Mexican restaurants globally, and 14.7x more likely to be eating Chinese food than the average movie fan in the US. They also seem to have a stronger sushi craving:


Purchase goes beyond the theatre

The Marvel franchise would be happy to hear that the Thor viewer is, as we might assume, a big fan of comics –70x more so than average. However, fans aren’t just reading comics or watching the movies, they are also playing games inspired by the characters and buying the associated toys and merchandise:



Following the success of the first Thor movie, a Lego spinoff product was created – a smart move – since fans of the movie were 50x more likely to be buying Lego than most. This time around, people in the U.K. are even more likely to be buying the figurine, with a 71.8x greater interest in Lego, clearly showing the power of brand association.


Don’t be fooled; these toys aren’t just bought for kids’ play. In fact, they are over five times more likely to be purchased as collectibles.

Thor fans are also more likely to be interested in home, tech and shopping for themselves –suggesting they are most likely single and able to spend money on their own entertainment and passions (more data on their single-dom below).


Thor fans in the bachelor(ette) pad

Although Australian and U.K. audiences are more likely to be male, we see equal interest from both males and females in the U.S.

Fans are also likely to be living on their own or rooming with other adults, 49% more likely to be between the ages of 20-29, 11.5x more likely to be job hunting, and 6.5x more likely to be a current students than the average internet user.

They are also less likely to have children, which seems at odds with Thor himself, the God of Fertility. However, fans had a 3.7x greater interest in pregnancy tests, so who knows how long fans will be without children.



Fitness and sports behaviors

Generally less active than Thor, our audience has a greater interest in:

  • Indoor sports (14.1x more interested to be exact, and 19x greater interest in Snooker & Pool)
  • The Washington Redskins (in the U.S.)
  • “Armchair” viewing sports, such as wrestling (16.1x), baseball (9.5x) and ice hockey (7.4x) – even in the U.K. and Australia

But fans do like to be outdoors sometimes, embracing their inner Thor with hobbies such as trekking (18.5x) and hiking (17.2x).


Thor’s impact on vacation decisions

Along with watching the movie and playing the games, viewers are keen to see the place where the story started. Thor fans all over the world are 65x more likely to consider vacationing in Finland and Norway for their next trip.

The Australian viewer seems to also be curious about the story’s background. The travel destination they are researching the most is Iceland, where most of the original story and documentation is from. It’s also where the movie was filmed, which might have some effect on the increased interest in those locations.


Or, vacationers can opt to spend their days at Disneyland, especially since they’ve announced the development of a special Thor themed ride, and have invited superheroes to join the Disney Magic cruise via itsAvengers Academy.  Transitioning from Nordic longboat to cruise ship, Thor knows how to travel in style. Perhaps not surprisingly, thanks to these newest Thor-themed additions, Disneyland & Disney Cruises have generated considerable more interest from Thor fans compared to the majority of other film buffs:


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